As a member of HungHau Holdings – an experienced company in the field of Agriculture, Distribution and Education. At present, Hung Hau Distribution is concentrated in two main areas. They are fuel distribution and consumer food distribution in the domestic market.

Vision – Mission

In the field of fuel distribution, we strive to be a clue businessman as well as become a supplier of suitable products and services to meet the demand of fuel sources in the Southern market.


Include: Hung Hau Petroleum Co., Ltd, Hung Hau Distribution Co., Ltd, Hung Hau Port Warehouse Service Company

HungHau Foods Channels

HungHau Distribution Channels to connect HungHau Distribution with customers through all channels of communication.


HungHau Distribution is committed to creating a dynamic working environment, opportunities for development, and the best treatment for employees.


HungHau Distribution always respect and reckon partners is the one of the indispensable factors for the success of HungHau Distribution.